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These cases are provided at no cost to individuals for use in teaching economics.
Please acknowledge the source of these cases in any distribution you make of them.
Be sure to write to me with your comments and suggestions after using them.

Patrick Conway

  • Alexis Tsipras and the call to Grexit, 2018
  • SolarWorld: Was Chinese Competition Unfair in US Markets for Solar Panels?, 2018
  • CIPLA Ltd. And the Provision of Anti-AIDS Pharmaceuticals, 2011
  • Export Ban on Shrimp Exports from Pacifica, 2005
  • The Reform of Agricultural Markets in Purayes (I), 2004
  • Macroeconomic Stability and Income Inequality in Chile, 2003
  • Crying Wolfe: Identifying and Competing in Export Markets in Developing Countries, 2001
  • Kenyan Coffee: the Vanishing Delicacy, 2001
  • Chile and the External Financial Markets: 1985, 2001
  • Sudan and the Exploitation of the Waters of the Nile, 1999